The Van Family

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The Van Family

Our adoption story is an incredible “God thing,” and we were called by Him to adopt.  We are sharing an abbreviated version of our story, but welcome anyone who wants to talk, hear the long version, or to meet up for coffee to contact us personally.  Our contact information can be obtained through OMOL Ministry.

  Many challenges were faced during the adoption process. Monetary expenses; others not being supportive of adoption;  fear of whether or not the adoption would go through; Concerns about finding daycare; Gaining more weight from stress than Liam’s birth mother gained during pregnancy…#stresseater!

   Many emotions were felt during the adoption process:  crushing depression, joy, anxiety, overwhelming grace from God, hope, extreme happiness, etc.  I have a tattoo on my arm that says, “Courage, dear heart.” It is from the Narnia books. I also listened to a song on repeat, over and over, when I was sad.  It is written and recorded by one of my past students, and talks about God encouraging you when you feel hopeless. Adoption is very expensive. Receiving the monetary grant from OMOL helped out financially, but we are also so thankful for the emotional support and reassurance that OMOL provided during the adoption process.  OMOL believes in adoption and supported us when others told us to “walk away.”

   We were allowed to be at the hospital during the birth of Liam, and stayed in the hospital overnight.  The hospital staff made both the birth family and us, a steak dinner and birthday cakes! The nursing staff and a pastor prayed over Liam.  It was the hospital’s first adoption. We spent many hours with our young birth mom and her family, knowing that it was a very traumatic experience and a difficult decision was made.  

   We have an open adoption, and try to see our birth mother and her family once or twice a year.  She is our superhero, and we all get along very well. God brought all of us together. We will continue to help her and love both her and her family.

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