The Nachtigall Family

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Amy and Daniel Nachtigall

We always  knew that we wanted to become parents.   After years of trying on our own and months of unsuccessful fertility treatments, we began to pray about and consider other options.  This is what led us to pursue adoption. To us, is wasn’t important “how” we became parents. We just knew that we could provide a loving and nurturing home for a child.

The financial burden became one of the biggest hurdles that we would face. The cost involved with a domestic infant adoption was very surprising to us. We applied for several grants and were grateful to have received one from OMOL.  That grant covered our match fee. 

The adoption process was an emotional roller coaster.  We experienced nervousness, hesitant excitement and anticipation, followed by disappointment and sadness when we weren’t selected or had a failed match. We felt elation and nervousness when we were finally matched.   Amy was allowed to be in the delivery room during the birth process. Nothing can describe the overwhelming joy that we felt when we were finally handed our baby – pure, overwhelming joy – an experience that we will never forget.

The process of adoption is a difficult journey, but is worth every emotion and hardship once you finally reach the end.

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