The Kolar Family

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Cain and Allison Kolar

Adoption was something that we both considered and talked about before marriage, while we were dating.  Cain’s sister and her family had adopted children. We were inspired in so many ways as we observed their children grow, and saw their family develop.  It was not always easy, or picture perfect. We felt that we knew what to expect going into the adoption process from our experience and interactions with Cain’s family.   After attending a local concert by His little feet, “”, our eyes were opened to the realities facing orphans worldwide. That was what thrust us into such a life changing decision, and started the adoption process.

We felt every emotion during the adoption process:  excitement, anxious anticipation, sadness, happiness, curiosity, and being overwhelmed.  Sometimes all at once. We faced one unexpected challenge when we travelled to China for the adoption. 

Our daughter was 14 years old when she was adopted. The woman who worked at the consulate office asked our “soon to be adopted daughter,” if she knew her biological parents.  She replied that she did! This was inconsistent with her story, because she had lived in the orphanage since she was 3 days old. We had to wait for hours at our appointment while they tried to sort out this inconsistency.  After being prodded multiple times by the woman, our “soon to be adopted daughter,” turned to us and said, “mommy and daddy!”

One More One Less helped us with one of the biggest challenges in the initial adoption process, the expense!  We felt blessed to have them assist us with one of the biggest financial and family decisions of our lives.

Meeting our daughter was a moment we will never forget.  Our 14 year old daughter clung to Allison in a three minute long embrace.  We will never forget that visual. Tears, smiles, and a huge sense of anticipation and wonder. 

Adoption takes full commitment from parents, and it can be extremely challenging at times.  It is one of the best experiences that a family can have. Our advice to anyone, is to “love God first!”

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